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Fort Yukon's Dog Mushing Association

The Yukon Flats Dog Mushers Association (YFDMA) is a non-profit organization in Fort Yukon, AK dedicated to preserving the rich cultural dog mushing history in the Yukon Flats. The YFDMA hosts dog races throughout the winter with the biggest race taking place during the annual spring carnival in March. The YFDMA gives local and surrounding mushers chances to compete and provides opportunities to engage and spectate this great sport.

A Long Standing Tradition

Dog mushing has a long history with Alaska Natives, and until only about 60 years ago or so, was the main mode of transportation for rural Alaska. The U.S. Postal Service even delivered mail by dog sled! Sled dogs in the Yukon Flats were used for transportation in the winter between villages and to camps and trap lines. Today, dogs are still used as transportation, but not in the capacity they once were. Dog teams are also kept for hobby, sport, and simply, as a way of life.

Alaska's Favorite Sport

Board of Directors

Melanie Herbert, Member

Corrina, Member Cadzow

Joshua Cadzow, Member

Tony Peter, Member


The YFDMA is made up of a board and members, and is also run completely by wonderful volunteers and generous donations. Please contact us if you would like more information on ways you can contribute or volunteer for our organization. The following are some examples.

  • Sponsor Events
  • Volunteer with activities
  • Working at the concession stand
  • Donating raffle items